11 October 2009

K12 Online Conference 2009

It's almost here!!! The K12Online Conference 2009.

THE DATES of the 2009 K-12 Online Conference: For the past three years, K12Online has taken place in late October. This year, the conference will be held the second and third weeks of December, just prior to the holidays. Week one will be December 7 – 11, 2009, and week two will be December 14 – 18, 2009.
THEME & STRANDS for 2009: This year's theme is “Bridging the Divide” and the four strands, two each week, will be "Getting Started", "Week in the Classroom", "Kicking It Up a Notch", and "Leading the Change". New this year will be “LAN Party” live events on the Saturday following each week of the regular conference in partnership with EdTechTalk.

During the FIRST WEEK Joyce Valenza will keynote the "Getting Started" strand with presentations that will focus on specific, free tools for newcomers. Konrad Glogowski will keynote the "Leading the Change" strand, which will both showcase successful strategies as well as amplify critical issues which must be addressed for innovative learning methods to be adopted by teachers, librarians, and administrators on a more widespread basis.

The "Week in the Classroom" strand during the SECOND WEEK will be keynoted by Rachel Boyd with presentations that will explore how teachers and students are tangibly bridging divides between instructors, learners, classrooms, content, and experts outside the traditional classroom. Diego Leal will keynote the "Kicking it Up a Notch" strand with presentations that will explore innovative ways Web 2.0 tools can be blended together to help students create, collaborate, and share the knowledge safely on the global stage of the Internet. (I was totally surprised to find out that I have been following Mr. Leal on Twitter where he is known as @qadmon.)

There will be 50+ presentations, not counting the keynotes. And, every single one will be available 24/7 as soon as each is published. They will be shared online in a downloadable format and released simultaneously via the conference blog, the conference Twitter account, and the conference audio and video podcast channels.

You can participate in the PRECONFERENCE keynote by Kim Cofino. Find out more here.

K12 Online 2009 will be a great way to begin your professional development. So don't miss out.

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