31 December 2008

5 Most Popular Blog Posts in 2008

In 2008 I wrote only 44 posts, less than the previous year. However, StatCounter showed me that hits on my blog have doubled. So I guess I'm getting better. Below are the five most loaded posts in 2008.

Converting Files (doc to/from pdf)
Traveling Through the Dark
Reading Revolution: New Texts and New Technology
Learning Persuasive Writing or Debate thru Online Role Play
Searchme and Searchme Update

Thanks to those of you who have returned to check out what I'm learning about. Hopefully, I'll be back on a more regular basis in 2009. I still have to relate the rest of the K12 Online Conference 2008 sessions. And I have 33 websites labelled ExploreLater in my Delicious account. So, I still have lots to learn about and report back to you in 2009.