30 June 2007

Week 5 - Thing #11 Web 2 Award Winners

So many apps to choose from!!! I looked at the descriptions for most of the Web 2.0 award winning applications, and explored at least one app from many categories. I found two that interested me:

Wufoo - HTML Form Builder - allows anyone to build online forms, save the data collected, and interprete the results in different ways. The list of possibilities is endless, only subject to one's imagination. So I set up an exercise log (there was once a link here, but I have since unsubscribed)
for myself to keep track of the type of exercise and amount of time spent. It was fairly easy to setup this simple form.

DonorsChoose.org - allows teachers/teacher-librarians to submit ideas for materials or experiences that their students need to learn. Donors (individuals or groups) choose a project and make it a classroom reality. It's easy to search for a worthwhile project, however, the site needs to be advertised in the school and community.

Week 5 - Thing #10 Image Generators

I played around with the Generator Blog. Amazing how many different image generators are out there. I tried several different ones, but like the For Dummies Book Cover Generator. Here's the result.

24 June 2007

Week 4 - Thing #9 Searching for RSS Feeds

I tried out all of the RSS search tools suggested in the SSL2 exercise. Topix.net was easy to use and I've added my local community feed to my Bloglines account. Topix.net would also be useful to find out about happenings in other areas where I have lived and worked. I hate to say that I wasn't very impressed with the other search tools. I've seen links or something for Technorati in many places and have always wondered what they were. Now I kinda' know. I did find Blog Pulse interesting, but don't think that I would use it unless I was still actively employed.

I still don't understand what happens when I click on an RSS feed. What usually happens is that a link is created within Internet Explorer as part of a Feeds list. So I'm guessing that IE has an aggregator for feeds without all the bells and whistles that Bloglines has???

22 June 2007

Week 4 - Thing #8 RSS & Bloglines

I have been using Bloglines since March. I read an e-article about Bloglines and wanted to try it out. Bloglines has on option to browse for feeds which is how I started out. I have since looked for RSS ability at the sites I visit and insert the url at Bloglines to receive the feed automatically.

I spent my learning time this week exploring the additional features of Bloglines.

I really like that I get info quickly. Info via the RSS feed comes before my subscriptions to various ALA e-newsletters (AASL Hotlinks, AL Direct, IF Action, etc.) arrive. My Bloglines feeds were one of the places where I found info to use when updating WEMTA's (WI Educational Media & Tech Asso.) website with WEMAtter and intellectual freedom news and info.

AV2Learner's Bloglines Subscriptions

16 June 2007

Week 3 - Thing #7 iPod & Podcasts

I have been using my ipod this week. One of my favorite podcasts is net@nite with Amber and Leo. It's great that each podcast has an episode guide with the url's for the links discussed in the podcast. I really enjoy listening and learning since most of the stuff Amber and Leo discuss is new to me. See for yourself at TWiT TV with Leo Laporte & Friends

Week 3 - Thing #6 Flickr mashups

I have been playing with many of the Flickr 3rd party sites. What a blast! I am spending way too much time with this week's things. I played with many of FD's Flickr toys. I saved my bead art, Warholizer, and Magazine cover. I'm waiting for Flickr to complete the upload so that I can then decide which to include with this post. As you can see I like the Warholizer the best.

13 June 2007

Week 3 - Thing #5 Hooray, At Last

I finally figured out that I was using the incorrect url for photos located on Flickr. Here's my cat, Adrian and the interesting photo from Flickr, The Writing Is On The Wall – If You Can See It, You Can’t Read It Originally uploaded by Peter from Wellington

Week 3 - Thing#5 (LAST continued)

I'm trying Blogger's add image feature using one of my own photos. Actually it's not a photo, but an icon image. The only library-related image I have right now. Blogger's add image works fine if I browse on my computer, but not when I try to use a photo from Flickr with a web address. Don't know why!!!! I'm going to move on...maybe I'll figure it out later.

Week # - Thing #5 (Continued)

Here I am again (third time) trying use Flickr's blogging tool to add that interesting photo. I'm not going to do any editing of this entry because every time I do I lose the photographer's credits. They get extremely small so one can't read them.

12 June 2007

Week 3 - Thing#5 Photos & Images

I have been exploring Flickr and it's features. I was surprised to find out that tags can be more than just keywords; i.e. medium, genre, subject, name, or location. Groups can be anyone or anything and used in various ways. I really liked the 365 Days of Library Pictures. Someone should start a 190 Days of School Library Pictures. Me??? I could spend days looking at the photos and exploring how to use Flickr.

On one of my visits I found a great photo that I'd like to post here, but I haven't yet created an account. I tried to use the Blogger Upload tool, but wasn't successful. I'll try again after I create a Flickr account. Below is the link.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/peter_from_wellington/519693491/. (discovered the insert link feature and edited the original post)

08 June 2007

Week 2 - Thing #3 Blog & Avatar

I was able to setup my blog account and have gone back in several times to make changes in settings, color, etc. Creating my avatar was really fun. I may have to create a few avatars for different moods and change them when needed.

07 June 2007

Week 2 - 7.5 Habits

Life long learning will help me stay young. The easiest habit and one that I seem to have been practicing already is accepting responsibility for my own learning. I have always been curious with a need to "find out". The hardest habit for me is to view problems as challenges. I find it hard to look ahead in order to prepare for obstacles that may hinder my progress. I liked the learning contract that was included and have completed and signed it.

03 June 2007

Setting up a Blog

This is my first post to a blog. I'm looking forward to School Library Learning 2.0 and using my blog to explore what I'm doing and learning.