24 June 2007

Week 4 - Thing #9 Searching for RSS Feeds

I tried out all of the RSS search tools suggested in the SSL2 exercise. Topix.net was easy to use and I've added my local community feed to my Bloglines account. Topix.net would also be useful to find out about happenings in other areas where I have lived and worked. I hate to say that I wasn't very impressed with the other search tools. I've seen links or something for Technorati in many places and have always wondered what they were. Now I kinda' know. I did find Blog Pulse interesting, but don't think that I would use it unless I was still actively employed.

I still don't understand what happens when I click on an RSS feed. What usually happens is that a link is created within Internet Explorer as part of a Feeds list. So I'm guessing that IE has an aggregator for feeds without all the bells and whistles that Bloglines has???

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