31 August 2007


ToonDoo is site where you can create your own cartoons, from simple jokes to instructional lessons in a cartoon format. Here's a ToonBook, entitled Web 2.0. I'm not really into cartoons, so I won't be making any myself. But since this was the first item in The Collaborative Web pagecast I did explore some of the ToonDoo's and ToonBooks.

plashCollection of web2.0

30 August 2007


I have heard, read, and explored at PageFlakes. It's a way to personalize one's homepage and include all kinds of content from the Internet. Here's a cool example of a Pageflake, The Collaborative Web.

librarywannabe has created this PageCast and shared it. I now have my new project. There are twelve different apps on this PageCast that I haven't used. I plan to explore them in the next 12 weeks and blog about what I have learned. And then, I'll create my own PageCast.

24 August 2007

Creating an Image Link

Thanks to Krishbhavara for answering the question I posted in the Blogger Help Group about how to make an image linkable, or a HotImage. Here's the link that he/she sent me with the directions including pics.

(Note for me on how to: Insert image, then click on the image while in Compose mode, click the InsertLink icon and add the url.)

20 August 2007

Banned Books Week banner

Here's the original image that I thought was a widget. Saw it on an ALA page and it linked to the banned books week info so I thought it was a widget. Not sure how ALA got it to link. The original creator is Josh Culley, whose handle is "jovial_cynic" at www.newprotest.org.

Banned Books Week Flag

Banned Books Week Banner
Originally uploaded by DML East Branch
Here's another. It's really cool when viewed at Flickr!

Banned Books Week

Magazine Cover
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I saw a really cool widget for BBW and wanted to recreate on my blog.
At the original creator's site, one comment said that the image was saved to Flickr. So while trying to find it, I came across some other cool images. This magazine cover was created with fd's flickr toys.

Banned Books Week

What is it with Flickr stuff. When I tried to add all three images in one post the titles and posters names get too small to read!!! So that's why I went back and created 3 separate posts again.

Magazine Cover
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I saw a really cool banner widget for Banned Books Week and have been trying to recreate it in my blog. At newprotest.org, original creator's site, I found some comments, one of which, said that the image had been posted to Flickr. So while looking for the banner I also found some other cool pic's. This magazine cover was created with fd's flickr toys.

Here's another. When you view it at Flicker, it is really cool. Each "cover's" title appears.

Here's the original banner I'm still trying to add as a widget. It will take you to ALA's banned books site.

Linux OS

I've done some more research on the different "distributions" for Linux. I found three others that sounded better, but I can't find out how much hardware is needed. And I can't figure out how to download. One has to get them from either a ftp site or a "mirror" site. Many moons ago I understood how to ftp, but no longer. When I went to mirror sites, I wasn't sure what to try (a folder or each item within the folder) Even found one distribution that can be run from a stick, however, the Gateway doesn't have any USB ports. I've given up on trying to install a Linux operating system on the old Gateway computer. It's just too old.

17 August 2007

No Ubuntu

Well, after looking at the cd cover and the computer, I've discovered that Ubuntu needs at least 256mg of RAM and of course the machine has only 128mg. I tried anyway just to run Ubuntu from the cd, but that didn't work. So, I'm trying Edubuntu next. (Continuing...later) Now I find out that Edubuntu is for workstations working from a server, not a stand alone machine. So, I guess I'll have to start over or purchase 128mg to install into that old machine. InfoPower or Cass, do you want the CD's???

Edubuntu OR Ubuntu

I had decided awhile ago that I wanted to try an opensource operating system after listening to several podcasts from EdTechLive about opensource software. I went online and could have downloaded either operating system but I am going to try it on a stand alone computer so I ordered the free cd's. They arrived yesterday! I think that I'll try Ubuntu, since it won't have all the educational software that comes bundled with Edubuntu. Wish me luck!

13 August 2007

Check out my Slide Show!

Here's a pictorial of most of the experiences I had during the School Library Learning 2.0 tutorial.
It was easy and fun to put this slideshow together. Slide is free and has lots of options. Now I have to find out about video's.

11 August 2007

Post CSLA2

I have been reviewing this blog and my experiences with CSLA's School Library Learning 2.0 tutorial. It's been great fun learning about Web 2.0 tools.

I have begun listening to Jane Eyre which I had downloaded from LibriVox. Different readers for each chapter is interesting. I'm used to one reader. I have never actually read the book, just seen the movies, so I'm finding the story of Jane's early life revealing.

Have also been adding my personal book collection to LibraryThing. I'm already up to aver 100 items. I'm going to have to upgrade soon a-c I'm not even half done. I have been exploring the groups and have found a young adult book discussion group that I'm thinking of joining.

And, after viewing the slide show of the CSLA2 creators I have decided that my next project will be to learn how to create my own slideshow with pics and graphics created during this tutorial.

05 August 2007

Week 9 - Thing #23 CSLA2 Ending

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I've been putting this last thing off for awhile now. I don't want this experience to end.

What a great way to learn about Web 2.0 tools that can be used in a library media center and everyday life. I really enjoyed being able to work at my own pace and actually producing not just accessing and reading about Web 2.0. Using the blog to show my "things" and talk about my experiences during this CSLA2 tutorial has been the most fun activity. Since I no longer work in a school library media center I will be using several of the tools in my home and with WEMTA, Wisconsin Educational Media and Technology Association. I'm thinking of volunteering to be a reader for the Gutenberg Project.

thank you, uploaded by Qathi

04 August 2007

Week 9 - Thing#22 eBooks&eAudioBooks

Wow!!! Another world to explore. Where will I find the time?

I had already looked at LibriVox, but didn't really understand what could be done. After examining the site again I began to realize the potential for this site, as well as World eBook Fair. I found myself exploring serveral sites from the ultimate guide too.

I downloaded 2 audio ebooks, one to my computer which I added to my ipod and one directly to the ipod. Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is well read by a volunteer at LibriVox. I haven't tried to listen to Jane Eyre yet. Got that one from another site. Don't remember which I looked at so many. Most of the classics can be found at one site or another.

I found the manner of downloading interesting in the Gutenberg Project in that the ebooks are stored at various sites, not just one gigantic location. I don't own an ebook reader so I won't be reading any books from my computer screen, however, the ability to locate the text itself could be helpful in various situtations.

What was most exciting for me was checking out whether or not my public library has ebooks available. Of course, they do!

So I spent a lot of time learning about the Wisconsin Public Library Consortium digital book & video download center. Here's where I can locate current titles for use, some of which can be burned to CD or transfered to mp3 devices, tho, NOT yet ipods a-c DRM, which I kinda understand now.