04 August 2007

Week 9 - Thing#22 eBooks&eAudioBooks

Wow!!! Another world to explore. Where will I find the time?

I had already looked at LibriVox, but didn't really understand what could be done. After examining the site again I began to realize the potential for this site, as well as World eBook Fair. I found myself exploring serveral sites from the ultimate guide too.

I downloaded 2 audio ebooks, one to my computer which I added to my ipod and one directly to the ipod. Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is well read by a volunteer at LibriVox. I haven't tried to listen to Jane Eyre yet. Got that one from another site. Don't remember which I looked at so many. Most of the classics can be found at one site or another.

I found the manner of downloading interesting in the Gutenberg Project in that the ebooks are stored at various sites, not just one gigantic location. I don't own an ebook reader so I won't be reading any books from my computer screen, however, the ability to locate the text itself could be helpful in various situtations.

What was most exciting for me was checking out whether or not my public library has ebooks available. Of course, they do!

So I spent a lot of time learning about the Wisconsin Public Library Consortium digital book & video download center. Here's where I can locate current titles for use, some of which can be burned to CD or transfered to mp3 devices, tho, NOT yet ipods a-c DRM, which I kinda understand now.

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