19 January 2011

A-Z Web Tools

Cutting out the alphabet crackersphoto © 2010 Joy | more info (via: Wylio)There will be a great series of blog posts by Ozge Karaoglu, an EFL teacher in Istanbul. In her blog, Ozge Karaoglu's Blog: About teaching, learning, reflecting and being a 21st century learner & teacher... she is blogging about tools available on the Internet. Her method of sharing some great tools is probably not unique, but will keep us reading for at least 36 days. You may have guessed that she is sharing tools in alphabetical order first, then numerically. She has already completed the letters A and B.

Ozge works with very young children, however, the tools she shares could be used at any age. By reading her A-Z Web Tools series, I'm sure that you will find many new tools.

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02 January 2011

TL Virtual Cafe Webinar

Don't miss the webinar scheduled for Monday, January 3rd at 7 pm CST. Three ISTE SIGMS leaders will present ideas on how to become instructional leaders during Creating a Community of Instructional Leaders in Your School or District

Participant Link

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