31 July 2007

Week 9 - Thing#21 Podcasts

After attending the WEMA conference this past spring I decided that I needed an ipod or mp3 player. I had gone to several sessions about podcasting and then did some online research when I got home. (In fact I already had the Yahoo podcasting tutorial saved as a favorite.) My laptop already had iTunes installed so I started there after I purchased an ipod. I subscribed to several series and have been listening ever since. (Mainly, when I'm cleaning or taking a long walk with the dog.)

I explored most of the directories included with this exercise: Educational Podcast Directory


Yahoo Podcasts

I discovered an RSS feed and added it to this blog: David Warlick & 21st century learning. I haven't checked in iTunes to see if this podcast is available there, but will. It's so easy to get new programs and synch up the ipod that I would prefer to access them from there.

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