29 July 2007

Week 8 - Thing#19 LibraryThing

Wow!! What a great site LibraryThing is. Only added 8 books to start. (I may have to upgrade my service a-c I have more than 200 books in my personal collection.) My favorite task when I was working was cataloging. Now I can continue with my own collection and my sister's. When I visit her once a year she always has me update her collection's database for her.

Here's the link for my library thus far. I was able to add a LT chiclet, though, I removed it after adding the LT blog widget. See it below.

LibraryThing is very easy to use and I was able setup "my library" the way I like. I'm going to have to go back and actually look at the editions I have, but editing appears to be easy too. Easy to navigate.

Social side of LT is intriguing. The Zeitgeist provides lots of interesting info about users of the site and books. There are a variety of groups. And it's easy to explore other users and their library's. It's like del.icio.us in that regard. I don't get the discussions yet, but I'll check those out after I add all of my books to "my library". I'm gonna be busy after I have completed SSL2.
Only 4 more things left!

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