12 July 2007

Week 6 - Thing #14 Technorati

Searching for School Library Learning 2.0 in various ways on Technorati did give different results.

  • The Keyword, exact phrase, all blogs search yielded 131 entries, most of which were blog entries by registrants for the CSLA tutorial.

  • The Tag search without quotations gave results similar to an OR boolean search with over 1000 posts found. Many of the entries were not related to the CSLA tutorial. When I searched "School Library Learning 2.0" the number of posts found was 129, close to the first keyword search with all of the entries from CSLA tutorial participants. Photos also appeared with this Tag search. I found my flickr photo and Liz's too. I noticed with other tag searches that posts, blogs, videos, and photos might be found.
  • The Blog Directory search with and without quotation marks yielded the least number of results, 6 and 12, again all from CSLA tutorial participants.

I'm not exactly sure why the Blog Directory search turned up so few, unless one has to 'claim' one's blog to get found in the directory or the blog name is important. I did find my own blog and Liz's in the other searches, tho, they were pretty far into the results.

I discovered what the authority ranking is all about. At first I thought that it had to do with the number of comments a blog receives, but it's more than that. At this point in my life I really don't care if lots of people read my blog and link to it. I'm still more interested in reading what others say. Technorati doesn't seem too useful to me, unless I'm looking for videos or photos, but can't I just go to Flickr or UTube????

I do like tagging. It's easier to keep track of sites, blogs, etc. that interest me. I have tagged most of my favorites and continue to use del.icio.us to tag.

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