28 July 2007

Week 8 - Thing #18 Online App's

This is a test of the Zoho plugin for Microsoft Word/Excel. It’s supposed to save in Zoho from MSWord. Let’s see.


I clicked on the save button in the Zoho toolbar. Message told me to save locally before saving to Zoho. After saving locally, when I selected Zoho’s save button a popup asked if I wanted to save online. I’m going to see if it’s at Zoho. Yes, it is. Zoho has three versions of this document saved. It automatically named them based upon the name within Word. Only thing is I'm not sure if I'm in MSWord or Zoho, unless I actually login to Zoho. When I'm using Zoho from within Word is when I'm confused. I'll have to play more to better understand what's happening and when.

I have imported a couple of word documents into Zohoo and most of the formatting came thru. I thought that I'd try out Google Docs since I already have a Google account. I didn't like how documents were imported, the formatting did not come thru as well. And when I tried to correct the formatting it only got worse. I like Zoho Writer better. Although, I've been trying to change the font and size without success.

Now I'm going to try to post this document into my blog. frownWell, of course, it didn't work. First I gave it my login name and password and then the blog name and it's url. Keeps on telling me it can't find the blog. Have to try to find help in Zoho, though, there isn't a "help" choice, just FAQ's. Found the instructions, but I think that is what I already did. I'll try again, step-by-step. Only make it thru a few steps Unable to connect your blog. Username or password may be incorrect. So, now I'm trying from within Google Docs.


Anonymous said...

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Mrs. Bade said...

Do you know the person who made the first comment on this post??

RE: Zoho...I get the same message!

Ranjith said...


Thanks for your comments on Zoho.

The posting to blogger issue is fixed now

Please try posting it now.

Do write your views to us to support (at) zohowriter (dot) com.