13 July 2007

Week 7 - Thing #16 Wikis

I have been listening to EdTech podcasts and I just listened to a NECC 2007 presentation, Using Wikis in the Classroom. (The EdTech link is a wiki , however, I didn't recognize it as a wiki until I began exploring wikis in this exercise!)

After listening to the podcast I was interested in learning more about wikis in schools and libraries. The examples in the Discovery Resources demonstrated a variety of uses.

  • I liked the pathfinder (subject guides) and how local community links were included. That would be a great way to include parents and community in the school library.
  • Another interesting use for a wiki would be for school resources and/or student handbooks.
  • A wiki for the school district's long range Information and Technology plan, which is required in Wisconsin every three years, would make it a lot easier to collaborate. And would save lots of "trees" because the wiki would be online for state evaluators. And the wiki could include graphics, pictures, etc.
  • Wiki Collaboration across the Curriculum by Victoria Davis is a great presentation about classroom wikis which benefits Teacher Librarians too.

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