28 July 2007

Week 8-Thing#18 (cont.)

Well, as you can see from my previous post that I was able to publish from GoogleDocs. I'm still going to continue trying from Zoho, though. Liz did you get it to work?


Mrs. Bade said...

No! I can't get Zoho writer to publish to my blog...keep getting a message saying either my username or password is incorrect, but it is correct!!

arvind said...

Sorry that you faced the issue of not being able to post to your blog from Zoho Writer. We had a bug which was eventually corrected. Can you try posting once again?

This blog post explains how to post to your blog (you will have to choose 'Blogger' from the 'Select' box and not click on the 'Add blog' link).

Do write to us at feedback(at)zohowriter(dot)com if you still have issues.