17 July 2007

Week 7 - Thing#17 Wiki playspaces

I went to the sandbox portion of the California Curriculum Connections wiki and proceeded to create three new pages. It was certainly easy to add those new pages which included text, links, and a video. However, after I had done that I went back and looked at the Discovery Exercises and realized I should have been in the Sandbox ONLY. After I used the PB Wiki tour and the other PB Wiki resources I went back and removed all of the pages that I had created since none had much to do with Curriculum Connections. I did practice editing in the sandbox. I also examined history, used the comparison feature, and liked looking at the recent activity.

I also used the Wikispaces tour to learn more about this wiki-host.

Good idea to create the California Curriculum Connections wiki to share ideas about using Web 2.0 tools in schools and school libraries. I especially liked the Online Learning section's "licenses" and the information ethics. A great resources for teachers and parents.

Wisconsin's Battle of the Books is managed in Moodle and I'm wondering how wikis work within Moodle. Yikes!!! just returned from looking at the Moodle site we used and the server has crashed and data was unrecoverable!

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