20 August 2007

Banned Books Week

What is it with Flickr stuff. When I tried to add all three images in one post the titles and posters names get too small to read!!! So that's why I went back and created 3 separate posts again.

Magazine Cover
Originally uploaded by lamc
I saw a really cool banner widget for Banned Books Week and have been trying to recreate it in my blog. At newprotest.org, original creator's site, I found some comments, one of which, said that the image had been posted to Flickr. So while looking for the banner I also found some other cool pic's. This magazine cover was created with fd's flickr toys.

Here's another. When you view it at Flicker, it is really cool. Each "cover's" title appears.

Here's the original banner I'm still trying to add as a widget. It will take you to ALA's banned books site.

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