22 June 2007

Week 4 - Thing #8 RSS & Bloglines

I have been using Bloglines since March. I read an e-article about Bloglines and wanted to try it out. Bloglines has on option to browse for feeds which is how I started out. I have since looked for RSS ability at the sites I visit and insert the url at Bloglines to receive the feed automatically.

I spent my learning time this week exploring the additional features of Bloglines.

I really like that I get info quickly. Info via the RSS feed comes before my subscriptions to various ALA e-newsletters (AASL Hotlinks, AL Direct, IF Action, etc.) arrive. My Bloglines feeds were one of the places where I found info to use when updating WEMTA's (WI Educational Media & Tech Asso.) website with WEMAtter and intellectual freedom news and info.

AV2Learner's Bloglines Subscriptions

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