25 November 2008

Reading Revolution: New Texts and New Technology

This Getting Started session took place during the first week of the K12OnlineConference2008. It was a wiki based presentation that included a live chat with the presentor, Dr. Laurie Fowler. The session is designed to introduce teachers to Web 2.0 tools that can be use to improve reading instruction.

The wiki provides all types of resources to explore the use of new texts and new technology.

Students will need to be able to "read" text in any format from traditonal sources like books, magazines, and textbooks and also from digital formats like audio books on mp3 players, ebooks, and online picture books. Dr. Fowler includes links to various digital resources.

Wordle by Dr. Fowler
Dr. Fowler discusses and provides links to great examples of blogs used by teachers and students to react to literature. "Wikified word walls" are examined as a way to review and develop vocabulary. One of my favorite word wall resources was this short post. And finally, podcasts are examined and demonstrated showing again how students can react to literature by creating book talks or book reviews.

This presentation provides great resources and examples for teachers to implement Web 2.0 tools into reading instruction.

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