28 September 2007


I've been so intrigued with this next site that I've spent more time exploring all the different timelines rather that creating one myself.

allows one to explore, create, share, and discuss a timeline about all sorts of topics from people to places to things to events. The timelines are very flexible to use. Here is a sample timeline by the creators of xtimelines which shows the variety of resources that can be used in a timeline including text, pictures and photos, links, video, and music.

I tried to embed the timeline here, but there isn't enough room to show the entire screen and it was slow.

This resource would be a very useful, visual tool for the classroom. Teachers/students could use the information in timelines for learning in a multitude of ways such as: teachers could use/create a timeline to give a brief overview of a topic; students could research a timeline in order to verify that the information is correct and up-to-date and then rate, comment, or discuss; or students could create their own timelines for class projects. I really enjoyed my exploration and I think I'll see if I can create a timeline myself.

For a really good explanation read Joyce Valenza's post about xtimelines here. She did a great job on the list of higher level thinking that can be achieved using xtimelines.


Jermaine @ TimeRime said...

Maybe you could try http://www.timerime.com to make a collaborative timeline

ArborVitae 2.0 said...

Thanks jermaine. I'll add it to my links to explore further.