10 May 2008

Webware 100 Winners

The Webware 100 voting has been compiled and the results are available here.

I use at least one and sometimes several of the web applications in eight of the categories. The two categories that I don't use are Social and Utility. I guess that I consider myself social enough when I use twitter, blogger, and gmail, which are my favorite web apps. As far as utilities are concerned I'm interested in OpenId. For browsing I use IE7, but am interested in learning more about Safari and Firefox. I didn't know that either have pc versions. Or perhaps I'll check out iGoogle. I was surprised to discover that Publishing and Video are the two categories in which I use the most web app's. I don't think of myself as an author, tho, I do watch a lot of TV and video.

Take a few minutes, or maybe more that a few minutes, to explore a few of the top 100 web applications.

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