07 June 2009

New Way to Communicate Coming!

I have been reading and viewing information about one of Google's latest projects, Google Wave.

Google Wave has been created by the two brothers who created Google Maps, Lars and Jens Rasmussen.

What is Google Wave?

  • Google Wave is REAL TIME. Anyone using the same wave will be able to see edits and modifications as they are happening.

  • Google Wave is COLLABORATION to the max... anyone anywhere can add and/or edit content, add additonal participants at any point in the process, have private conversations as needed with one or more participants, and the playback feature (so cool) allows one to catch up with the conversation and/or see who has made those additions or edits. And remember all of this activity takes place in real time.

  • This collaboration allows real time conversation and collaboration with text, images, photos, maps, video, etc.

  • The spell check is out of this world!!! Not only does it automatically correct incorrect typing or you are given a choice when it's not sure, but, it also understands context! It will automatically fill in or change the incorrect word, i.e. which and witch, etc.

  • Files can be dragged and dropped into a wave. (really, really cool!)

  • A real time automatic translator, Rosy, is available for 40 different languages which will allow easier and quicker global communication.

  • Waves can be embedded into a blog or website to allow for real time conversation.

  • Waves can also integrate with other communication apps, like Twitter. They already have developed Twave so that both apps are interactive. (Like FriendFeed's ability to post to Twitter and vice versa.)

  • Wave can be used on mobile devices.

Since Google Wave has been developed with open source code (API's) anyone will be able to develop and create mashups with extensions. Extensions are similar to iGoogle's gadgets. The developers encourage others to begin using the API's to create more and better ways to use Google Wave.

The bad news is that Google Wave has not been released to the general public yet, but is supposed to be later in 2009. You can sign up to be contacted here.

I highly recommend that you watch the Google Wave Developer video embedded below. It lets you meet the developers who demonstrate the many features of Google Wave. (The YouTube links above are taken from the full length developer video.)

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