27 July 2009

Teaching 2.0: Challenging the Interactive Generation

Here is another NECC 2009 Spotlight session that I discovered from afar via the ISTEVision Network.
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Not every NECC 2009 session can be found, but a wide selection is available and could keep you busy for weeks if not months.

As I was browsing the schedule I noticed Teaching 2.0... was being presented by Christopher Moersch of LoTi Connection. His name has been mentioned by various edubloggers I follow and I can remember that LoTi was used by my former school district to help assess the use of technology by students and staff. So, then I went to ISTEVision to see if this session had been recorded. And I was in luck.

Mr. Moersch began with some introductory exercises and then went on to compare Teaching 1.0 to Teaching 2.0 and how the use of H.E.A.T. (i.e. Higher order thinking, Engaged learning, Authenticity, and Technology use) would help achieve Teaching 2.0, higher LoTi levels, and higher student achievement. He discussed different criteria and strategies to determine which Web 2.0 technologies would best serve Teaching 2.0, higher LoTi, and student achievement. And finally, he explained a four step implementation plan.

The fact that made me take notice of this presentation is that for the past eight years the national LoTi Level has remained constant at Level 2-Exploration. That seems very low, considering it is only one step above Awarness. And there are five higher levels: Level 3-Infusion, Level 4a-Mechanical Integration, Level 4b-Routine Integration, Level 5-Expansion, and Level 6-Refinement. What Mr. Moersch discusses convinces me (already a member of the choir) that teachers need to have the time to develop teaching methods, lessons, and tools which do bring the H.E.A.T.

When you watch/listen to the video, you might also want to have the powerpoint slides available for reference. This LoTi Guy Speaks blog post lists all of the research articles and includes the website links referenced by Mr. Moersch in his presentation.

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