29 October 2010

Using Flashcards

I've been exploring a few of the online flashcard applications. (Braineos, BrainFlips, CoboCards, Cramberry, FunnelBrain, HeadMagnet, Memorize.com, Quizlet, and StudyStacks)

I found two sites that met my criteria: BrainFlips and Quizlet, though not completely.
  1. I wanted to find a site that would help with the practice of typing an author's name and title, with the correct spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.
  2. The flashcard set had to be accessible simply with a url, without the need to login.

BrainFlips has three ways to use a cardset to learn. Introductory, where the author and title are displayed side by side. Traditional, where the title is shown and the user thinks the
correct author, then flips for the author. The user selects whether their answer was correct or wrong. A scoreboard shows how the user is doing. With the Response mode the user types the answer (author) and is automatically scored. The scoreboard shows the results and amount of time used. The cards can be randomly shuffled and/or display cards incorrectly answered more frequently. The only problem was that the cards could not be reversed from title, then author or shuffled between t/a and a/t. So I ended up creating two cardsets, one for authors and another for titles.

Quizlet has flashcards similar to the Introductory and Traditional modes of BrainFlip without the scoring.

With the Study: Learn selection the user types the answer and can set how to score (punc
tuation, capitalization, spelling count). With Study: Test the user can select how many types of questions
(short answer, multiple choice, matching, or T/F), how to score answers, and whether to test for A, T, or both. There are also two games. The study: test optionv can be set up per my criteria, however, the problem is that the user has to do it. Here's the cardset I created.

I ended up using BrainFlips.


PaulHusser said...

I use online flashcards from funnelbrain. I feel that I get the most use out of them an that they are truly unique and creative. You can check them out for yourself at http://www.funnelbrain.com to see what I am talking about. They are amazing!!

Dre said...

I forgot to add that you can use more than just flashcards from funnelbrain. I use them to as an online study guide or just a regular study guide they are very use and creative. It puts the learning and studying in your hands.