08 November 2007

Building a Web 2.0 Classroom

Here is another great presentation from the K12OnlineConference2007, Step by Step: Building a Web2.0 Classroom. I've listened and watched part 1 only at this point. The presentor, Drew Murphy, explains and demonstrates 10 basic skills he feels are needed to understand and use Web 2.0 more effectively. These skills are not new to me, especially after completeing the CSLA tutorial, however, since I always find it hard to break down the big picture into smaller bytes, this part of the presentation allowed me to step back and review how I have been able to make progress in my personal exploration of Web 2.0.

Mr. Murphy groups the 10 skills into three activities: Exploring & Participating; Deconstructing & Reconstructing; and Connecting and Creating. These activities are what make the new Web experiences, 2.0.

I've listened to part 2 and can't wait to complete the download of the video to see the examples he uses to apply the 10 skills in a Web 2.0 classroom project.

Metamurphism, Drew Murphy's blog, contains the videos and notes. (Use the tabs at the top, Web2.0, part 1; Web2.0, part 2; and Be the Box)

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