02 November 2007

Return from Texas

I've been visiting my sister in Texas and her DSL was on the blink so I didn't get much chance to continue my Web2.0 explorations. Got back yesterday and have been trying to get caught up with my home-based email and a few of my RSS feeds. Here's a cute video, Librarian's Blues, that was posted on American Libraries Direct, October 24, 2007.

Well, enough fun for now, back to work. There are so many great learning opportunities available right now! SO much to learn and so little time.

  • I have to finish exploring the Collaborative Web Pageflake. I think there are still 3 applications to learn about; Thinkature, VoiceThread, and JayCut.
  • And then of course there are all the different presentations from K-12 Online Conference 2007. Let's see...there were 4 different strands with 9 presentations each and a keynote for each strand = 40 presentations, of which I have listened to 10 and viewed 1 of those. I've got a ways to go before I complete this conference.
  • Then there's the AASL 13th National Conference which took place in Reno, Nevada. I can peruse the handouts, only about 100 of them (I'm not kidding), to help me decide if I want to purchase the conference DVD and/or CDs.
  • In addition to the conference recordings, the AASL online learning e-Academy (if you have trouble with this link, keep trying. I got errors many times before getting the proper page. I'm not sure if the ALA website is still being revised, like WEMTA's) offers online courses and the Digital Institute 2007.
  • And last but not least are the new AASL Learning Standards (pdf) to peruse and digest.

See what I mean???

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Polar Bear Witness, The Bear Who Blogs! said...

Librarian's Blues was entertaining and fun! Thank your for including it in your post.

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