17 October 2007

Cell Phones as Classroom Learning Tools

I listened to one of the K12 Online Conference 2007 presentations in the New Tools strand. WOW!!! What a great presentation. I assumed that the info wouldn't be that useful, but I was wrong! I only use my cell phone to talk to friends and family without texting. And even tho the phone has a camera I haven't really used that feature because I didn't know what I could do with the photos. Now I do. And I now know how to make and share a podcast.

Liz Kolb explores using cell phones as data collection tools: audio recorders, digital cameras, and digital camcorders. Additionally, she discusse how classroom projects can be developed for cell phones: creating ring tones, text messaging, mobile WebPages, and mobile surveys. Finally, she looks at the future features of cell phones and how those features can play a role in learning
Since most teens already have cell phones why not tap into this ready-made tool. The cell phone could provide motivation and readily available learning opportunities. I was amazed at the free web applications that are available to use with cell phones and landlines (for those without cell phones). AND most of the projects can be completed outside of the school day. Many of the examples given during the presentation are useful and practical; like field trip or travel diaries or digital storytelling or photo collages.

I highly recommend this presentation. Ms Kolb's blog and presentation wiki are full of great resources and examples of educational uses of cell phones.

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