13 October 2007

K12 Online Conference: Playing with Boundaries

I have been reading and exploring at the First Timers wiki. The Connected Planet Guide is very helpful. The conference takes place over two weeks, however, sessions will be available 24/7 after they have been published to the conference blog.

The first week is Oct 15 - 19 with a live Elluminate Fireside Chat taking place on Oct 20. Classroom 2.0 and New Tools will be the focus this week. “Classroom 2.0″ presentations will focus on instructional uses and examples of web 2.0 tools and the “New Tools” presentations will be "nuts and bolt" instructions for using web 2.0 tools with beginner's and advanced sessions.

The second week is Oct 22 - 26 with a live Elluminate Fireside Chat taking place on Oct 27. The focus this week will be Professional Learning Networks and Obstacles to Opportunities.

"Professional Learning Networks" presentations will include:

  • tips, ideas and resources on how to orchestrate your own professional development online;
  • concrete examples of how the tools that support Professional Learning Environments (PLEs) are being used;
  • how to create a supportive, reflective virtual learning community around school-based goals,
  • and trends toward teacher directed personal learning environments.

Unearthing "opportunities from the obstacles" rooted in these boundaries:

  • copyright,
  • digital discipline and ethics (e.g. cyberbullying),
  • collaborating globally (e.g. cultural differences, synchronous communication),
  • resistance to change (e.g. administration, teachers, students),
  • school culture (e.g. high stakes testing),
  • time (e.g. in curriculum, teacher day),
  • lack of access to tools/computers,
  • filtering,
  • parental/district concerns for online safety,
  • control (e.g. teacher control of student behavior/learning),
  • solutions for IT collaboration and more

will be the focus of presentations in this strand.

Presentation teasers are short videos that introduce the presentor and an intro to what you could expect to learn by viewing/listening to the entire presentation.

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