16 February 2008

hitchhikr Ever seen this image before? Perhaps on a conference blog or wiki? I have been listening to a few of the TechChickTips podcasts. I'm not sure how I discovered them. (I noticed that I had used Tech Chicks as a tag already. So checkout my first post about the Tech Chicks. ) Anyhow I subscribed to their podcasts via iTunes. In one their earliest podcasts,#10, they spoke about hitchhikr. It's a site designed by David Warlick that gathers all the blog posts, podcasts, and pics about conferences.

Mr Warlick says, Hitchhikr was invented, to provide you with a virtual space where, thanks to blogs, podcasts, and RSS, we can connect, share, respond, and grow knowledge out beyond the place and time of the event.

Hitchhikr allows those of us who cannot attend a particular conference to continue our own professional development at our leisure. Here's a great blog post by kstevens77 discussing hitchhikr which includes a link to David Warlick's podcast about hitchhikr.

I was disappointed that I couldn't find the AASL's recent conference in Reno. We have to keep in mind that hitchhikr is only as good as those who use it and those who TAG. So be sure that you do use tags. And, keeping that in mind, I registered WEMTA's spring conference. Check it out.

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