10 April 2008

WEMTA 2008 conference

I attended the WEMTA 2008 conference in Milwaukee earlier this week on Sunday through Tuesday. Since I'm retired, I spent about 30% of my time volunteering -- worked the Golden Archer/Battle of the Books booth and helped out with the vendor exhibit theater.

My focus on Sunday and Monday was copyright. Since I update the copyright section of WEMTA's website, I wanted to keep myself up-to-date and locate useful resources. I wasn't disappointed.

Sunday's workshop, Copyright Wisdom for Music in Multimedia, was presented by Barry Britt, Soundzabound's Director of Copyright Compliance. (In case you are not familiar with Soundzabound, it is a source for royalty-free music for K-12 education for use in video projects, podcasts, powerpoint or slideshare projects, etc.) His presentation was enjoyable, easy to understand, chockful of useful information, and came to an end much too quickly. Here's a TeacherTube video with highlights of Mr. Britt's presentation.

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