26 March 2008

Demo Girl

I don't remember how I came across this site, but I'm glad I did! Demo Girl is all about Web 2.0 tools. Not only does Molly McDonald, editor in chief, provide a short description of a tool, but she also provides a short screencast demonstrating its use. In Molly's own words:

Would you rather sign up for a new service, verify your email, and then try to figure it out by reading some FAQ’s or would you rather watch a 2 or 3 minute screencast demo and see for yourself if it’s even worth your time?

And she even provides the code to include the screencast demo on your blog or website. All of her screencasts are located at Viddler. If you want to get the code you have to signup. (I'll have to see if dg has a screencast on Viddler, since I'm not familiar with Viddler. It appears to be similar to YouTube, but better. It allows one to record directly to the website, tag and comment in the moment.)

I would definitely recommend adding dg to your RSS feed. You can then pick and choose the tools that might interest you.

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