13 March 2008

Vote Today!

The annual WebWare 100 vote is taking place right now. 300 finalists have been selected from almost 5000 nominations. This is your chance to voice your opinion about the best Web applications and if you're like me, find out what's new. Take a look at the Newbies Guides if you want to find out more about Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Google Reader, or Flock.

  • Vote 3 times in 10 different categories:

* Audio * Browsing * Commerce and events * Communication

* Productivity * Publishing and photography * Search and reference

* Social * Utility and security * Video

World Book's Second Annual You Be the Judge lets you vote on the 2009 Spinescape design. Choose among four rich images designed to encourage readers to learn and explore more about their world:

  • Grace in Movement, championing the importance of physical activity in combating childhood obesity.
  • Portrains of Greatness, showcasing iconic figures that have
    inspired people throughout history, from Shakespeare to Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Diversity of Life, underscoring the importance of
    protecting wildlife and preserving fragile ecosystems that are essential to
    the integrity of life on Earth.
  • Feeding the World, commemorating agricultural efforts worldwide that hold great promise for alleviating hunger and poverty as the world population continues to increase.

    You only have the rest of March to vote so do it today!
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