12 January 2008

Another SmartLink

I just finished another book, Evil Genius, by Catherine Jinks. I really enjoyed this book, though at first, I was wondering if it would be an appropriate read for our WEMTA Battle of the Books for next year. A lot of the action takes place in a "school" designed to train the world's future criminal leaders with such subjects as the philosophy of evil, the art of disguise, how to get around the law, embezzlement, forgery, and other criminal actions. The main character, Cadel Piggott, has a genius IQ and is a lonely young boy who begins to question the morality of his actions, the adults in his life, and the school after he makes an online friend. It's another YA book that appears on best book lists including Teenreads Best Books of 2007 and School Library Journal's Best Books of 2007. (Above I linked the title to LibraryThing, but no SmartLink appears)

Evil Genius (Link to GoogleBooks)
Evil Genius (Link to Barnes&Noble)

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