01 January 2008


As you may know I have been exploring applications from The Collaborative Web pageflake. Here's the final application I have left to examine.

With JayCut you can upload media (videos and photos) from your camera, webcam, or mobile phone. JayCut's mixer allows you to edit unwanted portions, add captions, add sounds or music to your video clips and photos and create a materpiece or "mix." Once you have created your mix you can then share, export, or embed into your website or blog.

Watch this Jaycut mix, Creating a Mix 101, for a brief explanation of the editing process. (I've tried to embed the actual JayCut video, but it's not working. I think perhaps Blogger doesn't support a flash video.)

Here's a great review of JayCut by Josh Catone of ReadWriteWeb with more technical information. I haven't actually tried to create a mix yet, so I thought you should hear from someone who has.

Well, it's awhile later and I've tried to create a mix. Since I haven't done video editing before, it took me some time to sort of understand why there are two video tracks and how to transition and add effects. I wouldn't say that I have created a masterpiece. See for yourself, here.

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