22 January 2008

Zoho Sheet

I've been working with Zoho Sheet recently. I work with WEMTA's Battle of the Books - HS committee and it's time to start selecting titles for the 2009 Battle. I had explored Zoho Sheet last summer and I remembered it when it came time to begin developing our recommendations list. There are a few of us that compile the list and narrow it down for Battle advisors and teams to voice their opinion of the titles in April 2008. So what better way to use this online application to collaborate on this list rather than sending the xls sheet back and forth and back, etc.

Some tips for working with ZohoSheet:

  • If you are a PC MS Office user, you need to download the Zoho plugin for Microsoft Office. It's a real time saver that allows one to save a local copy and work offline in xls and then sync the revisions with Zoho.

  • If you work directly in Zoho, take your time... edits are automatically saved, but depending upon activity on the site's server, they are not always simultaneous.

  • There is not any online help...so checkout the forums and blogs for how to help. I posed a question and was answered withing 24 hours. Great response time.

Invites to share a sheet are easy to send, but I'm still waiting to see how this collaboration actually takes place. Hopefully, one of my collaborators will be able to work on it this evening, so I'll be able to see.

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